Pomp and Circumstance Proud Mason Families A Celebration! Cheers to Our Grads! Once a Patriot, Always a Patriot This is all for you!

Pomp and Circumstance

The big day is ahead. Join us for many of the Grad Fest 2015 events and celebrate your graduation!

Proud Mason Families

Graduation is a huge deal to many of our Mason Families. Fist pumping and cheers abound! Mason students have some of the most supportive families.

A Celebration!

Join us for A Graduation Celebration on Wednesday, May 13. Registration is required.

Cheers to Our Grads!

No Graduation Celebration is complete without your commemorative Mason Alumni Champagne Glass.  Register today for A Graduation Celebration and toast to your success!

Once a Patriot, Always a Patriot

When you graduate from Mason you are still part of the Patriot Family. Life as a Patriot continues throughout life. Be sure to get involved with the Mason’s Alumni Office.

This is all for you!

You did it!  You’ve made it to graduation.  Be sure to join us for events designed specifically with our future alumni in mind.

What is Grad Fest, anyway?

Grad Fest is an annual tradition at George Mason University. Come join your fellow classmates and take part in all the Grad Fest 2016activities. Grad Fest is a series of fun events designed to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of Mason graduates. Events are open to seniors and graduate students to encourage them to look ahead to becoming Mason alums and build a lifelong relationship with their Alma Mater.

Grad Fest activities are a collaborative effort coordinated by University Life and a university-wide committee of staff and students. In addition, the Alumni Association and Career Services coordinate several activities designed to send graduates off on the right path. These individuals dedicate months to program planning and development to make the events a huge success. We hope you will join us in showing your Patriot pride at Grad Fest 2016!